Delicious hearty soups made from scratch based on recipes collected through our global travel and named after our favourite cities famous for making them. True explosion of flavour and colour with an abundance of vegetables added to a rich stock. The stock is made by boiling marrow bones for meat soups and whole fish for fish soups, a process that takes four to six hours, to create a nutrition-full soup – a meal on its own.

Ttraditional Lithuanian pastries filled with rich and flavourful stuffing. Meat-lovers will enjoy kibinai with lamb and leek or pork and cabbage. We also make salmon kibinai and vegetarians will appreciate kibinai filled with cottage cheese and spinach or assorted wild mushrooms. Kibinai are well enjoyed on their own or paired up with our soups. Served with our home-made dip and sour cream to enhance the flavour.

A selection of home-made cakes baked daily includes our heavenly honey cake “medovik”, a healthy brownie with shredded zucchini to enrich the texture, a cottage cheese roll with lemon zest, a savoury apple sponge made from sour apples and best served warm, and our famous curd-cheese pancakes “syrniki” served with sour cream, maple syrup, fresh fruit and mint. Our desserts are well supplemented by our selection of coffee and tea.



We are an international team in love with the Dutch notion of “gezellig” as it applies to all things in life: food, drinks, ambiance and great company. With true passion for healthy cooking, we offer you a wide selection of artisanal food, made from scratch daily using locally-sourced high-quality ingredients.

We support local IJburg businesses and the support is reciprocal. IJburg is a great place to live and we strive to enhance the quality of life for islanders and guests. We get inspired now and then and come up with new dishes to impress you with – so stay tuned for our weekend specials!

Sunny Side has two floors: ground floor is a bistro with coffee, tea and home-baked cakes, as well as beer, wine & beverages; and the first floor (upstairs) is comfortable for sit-in dining and is spacious enough to organize events for groups of up to 40 people. We also offer catering at your place with a menu tailored to your taste.

Open Mon, Wed-Sun from 08:30 till 20:30 on weekdays and from 10:30 till 22:30 on weekends. Visit us to be pleasantly surprised!

“Tasty food, set inside a lovely restaurant.”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.
Sandra Files


We offer catering services with a menu tailored to your taste. It will be our pleasure to deliver to your workplace your choice of corporate lunch options, healthy snacks and home-baked cakes. Sunny Side is well-suited for group events and celebrations as it is spacious enough to comfortably sit up to 40 people.

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  • IJburglaan 1501, 1087KM, Amsterdam
  • Reservations: 020-416-6609
  • email: sunnysideijburg@gmail.com
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